Superlight provides a variety of structural engineering services for industrial, commercial and institutional owners

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With its engineering and design services before sales and supervision services after sales, Superlight Engineering Department is always there for its customers during unloading, stowage and installation of GRP pipes.
Reduced construction cost
Improved quality and safety
Reduced construction risk
Buildings, infrastructure, engineering and urban regeneration

We are one of the leading end-to-end construction company

In a number of areas of construction engineering, Superlight has pioneered the development of approaches and techniques that are now considered the industry standard.


The Engineeringis one of the largest industrial sectors in the world.


Production process are well automated which is better for product quality


Heavy industrial equipment complex and industrial machines complex.


Our products are corresponds to industrial standarts


We are one of the leading end-to-end engineering services and solutions company in the world.


Construction is the process of constructing a building or infrastructure.
We integrate engineering design excellence with construction

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SUPERLIGHT is aware of the fact that not only should the pipe be manufactured in the best way, but also the right pipe should be installed in the right project and in compliance with the relevant rules. Therefore, Superlight Project Department examines its clients’ projects and checks the suitability of the project with the GRP pipe, prepares the list of materials necessary for the smooth installation of the pipe line, makes custom fitting drawings, and engages in pre-production activities to ensure that the project functions flawlessly by inspecting the static, dynamic and hydraulic calculations when necessary.

Our mission is to provide our customers with value through the provisioning of engineering services, procurement, construction, operation and management of infrastructure and power projects. We consider the empowerment of our human resources to be fundamental in building a permanent knowledge base.

Our extensive resume is comprised of over 3,500 projects completed

Our diverse project list includes engineering buildings and manufacturing structures